The Workroom

Apr 1

Elsa schiaparelli design!

Mar 30

Elsa schiaparelli design!

Mar 29

Love the hair!!! I need a haircut

Mar 28

Chad sell realness!!! Bianca and Ben are wonderful!

Feb 5

Love neing inspired for a project by hair colour <3

Sep 26

And Ursula is the reason that I love campy over the top things. She is a rare character that even through her evilness provide a child with insight into people and things that are outside of he everyday norm. She’s confident, sassy and full of unbridled power. I love this character, and thank Disney for giving me a 3 dimensional individual that I can truly find inspiration in. 

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Sep 15

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Sep 15

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I don’t know what songs to use for a lighting project for class…hate when you get really into something and don’t know what to choose in order to continue…

Sep 11
Aug 28

Just love all these shots. Some are raw, some are so slick. I really love it especially the ones of Liza, Lindsay and James Fraco. So amazing!! All shot by Terry Richardson